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Through its strong binational ties in research and education, USMFS has built successful collaborative programs in K-12 STEM education that are increasing skills and job opportunities in both Mexico and the U.S.:

  • For more than 15 years, USMFS operations in Mexico have worked with academic, government and corporate allies to promote hands-on, inquiry-based science education aligned with U.S. New Generation Science Standards. In 2016 alone, 269,621 Mexican elementary-school students benefited from this program.

  • Responding to rapidly rising global demand for well-trained engineers, USMFS partnered with Querétaro College of Scientific and Technological Studies to launch a high-school engineering basics curriculum modeled on innovative, hands-on teaching methods promoted by U.S.-based Project Lead the Way. More than 1,000 Mexican high school students have completed the course: 90 percent have gone on to college, and nearly three in four have opted to major in engineering and science.

    • Through this same partnership, in 2016, more than 9,000 Mexican educators received training in teaching young students these essential skills through an inquiry-based teaching practice.

  • USMFS has formed a partnership involving the Smithsonian Science Education Center and its Mexican counterparts to improve the use of inquiry-based science education in both countries:
    • In 1998 USMFS, with the help of Dr. Bruce Alberts—then President of the National Academy of Sciences—secured support from the National Science Resources Center to implement the Science and Technology for Children (STC) program in Mexico.
    • USMFS initiated pilot projects in several Mexican States and then promoted the creation of Innovation in Science Education (INNOVEC), a Mexican NGO that has continued the initial program.
    • Every year, more than 300,000 students participate in the program. More than 60,000 teachers have been trained in the past 15 years.
    • USMFS has worked with INNOVEC to insure continued effective interactions with the Smithsonian Science Education Center and with other U.S. programs and organizations related to science education for children.