Leopoldo Rodríguez


Leopoldo Rodríguez is a consultant and associate in various enterprises. He has been awarded the Andrés Manuel del Rio National Chemical Prize and the Ernesto Rios Prize. Among other activities and posts, he was UNAM professor for 17 years, professor at the Ibero American University and professor at the National Polytechnic Institute.

He is Immediate Past Chair of the Mexican Directives Association of Applied Research and Technological Development (ADIAT), a member of the Chemistry Engineering Commission of the Academy of Engineering of Mexico and a member of the Innovation for Science Teaching Council (INNOVEC).

He is also serves on the Assistant Council of the National Sciences Resources Center in Washington, D.C.; the Directive Council of the Mario Molina Center; the Governing Board of CONACYT; the Development and Technology Energy Sector Commission of SENER; and the CENEVAL Chemical Engineering Technical Council.