Our Mission & Goals

The Foundation advances U.S. economic priorities through technology-oriented development along the border

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The U.S.-Mexico border region presents extraordinary opportunities for partnerships that drive innovative enterprises and transform the economy, boost quality of life, and serve the long-term interests of the United States. Both countries already have taken major strides to combine their respective strengths and begin capitalizing on this promise:

  • Mexico is the United States’ second-largest export market and third-largest trading partner, fueling nearly five million U.S. jobs.
  • The two countries have formed a globally competitive economic region, building products in cross-border supply chains on a massive scale.
  • More than one million Mexican professionals work in the United States, and more than 12,000 of them hold Ph.Ds.

The countries are now intertwined in ways that benefit millions of Americans through innovation and knowledge-based entrepreneurship and growth. The possibilities for transformative joint endeavors are enormous.

Alongside this good news, current debates about border security, trade agreements, jobs, and immigration raise complexities that must be addressed. As these conversations move forward, cooperation by governments, companies and universities remain essential to capitalizing on the economic, educational and entrepreneurial opportunities that partnerships afford states and communities that are neighbors along the border.

The mission of the United States-Mexico Foundation for Science is to advance this exceptionally promising region and ensure that its next stage of dynamic evolution serves U.S. economic priorities. Highly focused binational investments in science, technology and education are already demonstrating their capacity to leverage the strengths of this border area for the good of both countries as a whole. With its decades of experience supporting and guiding such collaborations, the Foundation is uniquely positioned to advance the value to the United States of growth and development along the border.



U.S. enterprises enjoy many international partnerships, but none offer the potential for economic and educational cooperation offered by Mexico. In the many knowledge-based institutions and the massive populations that share this extensive border lie untapped energies of research, innovation and entrepreneurship that present a global economic engine-in-waiting. Deeply cognizant of this potential, USMFS is dedicated to these five goals:

  1. We will identify shared U.S.-Mexico opportunities in science and technology that stimulate competitive, high-wage enterprises from which both countries benefit.
  2. We will promote science and technology policies that strengthen binational cooperation to seize these opportunities.
  3. We will assemble cross-border stakeholder and information networks that serve U.S. priorities and open pathways to the full range of knowledge-based economic activity that the border presents.
  4. We will secure private and public support in both countries to fund binational initiatives that can strengthen economies, create useful new knowledge, drive effective educational outcomes, and sustain healthy citizenries.
  5. We will seek out and support enterprises that are or can be based firmly in communities and local institutions to ensure sustainable, inclusive growth.