Our Future

The time is ripe for U.S. investments in the border that will reap significant benefits for our country

The United States-Mexico Foundation for Science  is prepared to play an essential role in transforming the border region into an area of extraordinary progress and possibility.

The Foundation will continue working with public policymakers, economic stakeholders, university leaders and intellectual innovators in both countries to strengthen this binational region as an engine of North-American prosperity—and as a better home for people in both countries to work and thrive.

Maximizing the Foundation’s powers of change will require greater engagement and support from national, state and local governments as well as from businesses, universities and foundations.

The greatest return-on-investment will come from stakeholders in the U.S. Because at present most of the funding for its core staff and operations comes from Mexico (government, nonprofits and business consortia), the Foundation’s present work more directly benefits Mexico than the U.S. The necessary U.S. commitments at this pivotal time will enable the Foundation to capitalize on its unmatched experience and deliver rapid, profound and lasting benefits to the United States.